Work with Splendidly Traveled

Work with Splendidly Traveled

Splendidly Traveled is a blog suited for passionate travellers emphasizing world travel, adventure, photography, gaining experiences, travelling with purpose and discovering new cultures. We write our own stories and take our photos. For photography, we use professional camera equipment. There are different ways we can work together.

We are happy to partner with travel-related companies if the content relates to our way of thinking and our reader’s interests. Below is a selection of partnership possibilities.

What We Can Do for You

Destination Campaigns

A sponsored media trip is an excellent way to increase awareness of the place and bring you more visitors. It will encourage people to book specific activities based on our recommendations. We can provide professional photography and articles on the website.


We can produce photography for you if you are a tourism board, hotel, airline or restaurant. To do this, we use professional photography equipment. We can provide you with high-resolution digital photos to promote your brand and bring you more revenue. 

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is only accepted if it relates to our reader’s interests. We will only promote a product or a service if we have used it ourselves. We are loyal to our readers, and we do not pair with companies we do not think are a good fit. Sponsored content will grow brand awareness authentically and engagingly.  

Social Media Promotion

We can promote your product or destination across all of our social media channels, which will increase your social media followings and grow your email subscriber list.

Product and Accommodation Reviews

We are happy to review travel-related products, services, gears or hotels and tell our readers about it. It will grow brand awareness and can improve your Google rankings. We are also open to giveaways and competitions on our website and social media channels. 

Contact Info

Name: Manoshri


Home City: Victoria, BC, Canada