About Splendidly Traveled

About Splendidly Traveled

Hi! We are Manoshri & Galya. This website came into existence because of our love for travel and photography. Splendidly Traveled seeks to inspire those interested in exploring new places and cultures. Also, those willing to hike steep trails to gaze at yet another stunning mountain view or sunset. 

Every place has its own story, and we try to convey the unique beauty of every location through photography and writing.

About Manoshri

Manoshri loves being creative and trying out new things. Our hiking trips always take much longer because of the number of photos she takes. Her other passions are music, particularly singing, flute and piano, and all things wellness. Manoshri designed and is managing this website. She also has a food & beauty blog called Myriad Flavours

One of her most significant accomplishments is running a 6-Day Race in Florida in 2016, where she finished first overall with 432 miles / 695 km—averaging 72 miles per day. She also participated in the 10-Day Race in New York, where she ran 609 miles / 980 km. 

About Galya

Galya loves sports, particularly running, cross-country skiing, and kayaking. He also enjoys gobbling down a bowl of ice cream from our freezer in the evenings.

Galya’s most significant accomplishment is running the 3100-mile Race (the longest foot race in the World) three times. The aim of the race is self-transcendence and the triumph of the human spirit. Galya is the fourth-fastest finisher, running the distance in 42 days, 17 hours, and 39 minutes. He is the only participant who ran over 70 miles every day of the race. Galya also won one 24-hour race, four 48-hour races, and two 6-day races. 

Where Do We Live

We are fortunate to live on a beautiful Vancouver Island in the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, BC. We regularly take the ferry to Vancouver and visit Whistler and the stunning Rocky Mountains. Victoria has the mildest winters in Canada. Because of its many parks and green spaces, it is called “The Garden City.” Vancouver Island is an outdoorsy place with many hiking and biking trails and offers an excellent opportunity for sea kayaking between the Gulf Islands.

Must-see places in Victoria include the famous Butchart Gardens, which opened in 1904. The Parliament Buildings and Inner Harbour are the primary tourist attraction. We also love visiting the Beacon Hill Park when the weather is nice. One can smell hundreds of beautiful flowers, walk around lovely ponds with geese and ducks, watch free-roaming peacocks, and admire ancient trees inside the park.  

How Do We Make Money for Traveling

We own a small wholesale business that keeps us busy. Galya also works in the construction business as a finishing carpenter. In our free time, we love hiking, exploring new places and taking photos. Manoshri writes blog posts and edits pictures for our website in the evenings and weekends.  

We will partner with travel-related companies if you want to work with us. For more details on partnership possibilities, please visit our Work with Us page. 

Where are We Originally From

Both of us are originally from Europe. Manoshri was born in Slovakia and moved to Canada when she was 20. The northern part of Slovakia, where she grew up, is surrounded by mountains and National Parks. One of her favourite childhood memories is hiking with her family on the weekends.

She finished veterinary high school in Slovakia and planned to study at University to become a veterinary doctor. Eventually, she changed her mind and decided to travel and learn meditation. Manoshri also lived in London, England and spent some time in Austria.

Galya was born in Ukraine but studied and worked in Prague, Munich, and New York. Ukraine is the second-largest country on the continent after Russia. Galya grew up in the southern part of the country next to the Sea of Azov, which connects to the Black Sea. He finished University with an Engineer’s degree. After completing his studies, he lived in a few different countries and speaks English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Czech.

Why Travelling

It is a dream of many people, including us, to travel more. There is a certain fulfillment in visiting new destinations and seeing various cultures. It takes us from our daily routines, pulls us from our comfort zone, and opens our minds to new ideas and possibilities.

Travelling is not cheap, but there are ways to make it more affordable. One can visit locally, find budget accommodation, or make money while travelling. There are countless possibilities.

During summertime, we love camping because it is inexpensive and we spend more time in nature. Our favourite activity during our hiking trips is swimming in glacier lakes and watching the sunrise. Over the years, we have learned that collecting experiences is much more fulfilling than owning things.


Photography became one of our passions many years ago. It allows us to create images of special events, times, and places. There are countless ways of taking photos and editing them.

Elizabeth Gilbert writes about creativity and inspiration in her book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. She says that creativity is good for us as individuals and that the feeling you get when you finally capture an awesome sunrise photo is a wonderful thing.